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VSL vase glass


Hello ,

Can someone tell you which type of vase this is and which year?
Vsl marker
Height 25 cm
Top 15 cm
Botom 10 cm

Anne Tique:
Hello, this model is called 'Cedre'.

It appears in the catalogue of 1953 and I also have it in the 1956 and 1958 catalogue but all are 23 cm high, so a little bit smaller than your vase.

In the 1973 catalogue it is slightly larger, at 25 cm so I guess it dates from that period but I don't know how long it was still in production for after that. I have no documentation from the 80ies and it doesn't appear anymore in the 90ies...they must have worn the mould out by then  ;)

Like the other vases you have shown here, it is pressed and at VSL they always called this semi-crystal, glass that contains  slightly less lead than their cut pieces.

Hope this helps,



I passed it wrong, the vase is indeed 23 cm, so from the 50s.
Thank you for your advice and expertise....



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