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Large Cane Weight with Facets ....


Lily of the Valley:
This is my biggest (in that I don't have a clue ':roll:' ) "mystery" weight.  Statistics are as follows:

     Diameter:             4 inches
     Height:                 4 inches
     Glass Color:          Slightly yellowish
     Base:                   Unfinished (perhaps not original)
     Facets:                 9 including the top

As always, all information is most appreciated.

All the best ..... Lily

The canes are Murano.

Lily of the Valley:
KevH, thank you for your post.  I guess I'll chalk this up to another Murano.   I'm certainly not disappointed but wish I could find out more -- like age, why the bottom is not finished, possible maker .... oh, all those little things  ':lol:'.

There are a few more weights I would appreciate assistance with but right now I must go out and make $$$$ to support my habit (paperweights, that is).

All the best ..... Lily


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