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Help Identify Leerdam Unica Vase

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I recently inherited a few Mid Century gems, including this beautiful Leerdam Unica vase. The bottom is etched with Leerdam Unica / MF 778 LL.

I have found a handful of images of vases of a similar shape by A.D. Copier but most of his pieces also include his name in the etching and mine does not. There are also a few somwhat similar Floris Meydam pieces but same thing, those tned to include her name in the etching.

Any idea how to determine who mine was made by or to get any additional info from the MF 778 LL. I will likely be selling it down the road, so also any ballpark on price would be greatly appreciated as there seems to be quite a wide range for similar shaped pieces.

The vase is clear but with some modern yellow and blue strips that are on both interior and exterior layers. It is also unique in that is an interior layer of 4 holes that really makes light and reflections shine.

Thank you in advance for any insight.

heres a pic of the bottom with the etching

flying free:
I have briefly checked on here and it might be that your code falls somewhere on Page 42 for Floris Meydam, but it isn't there.

between vase numbers 628 on that site (code MF736H) and 629  (code MF789H) or at least that is how it seemed to me.

M (F) seems to indicate Floris Meydam and LL seems to indicate L v.d. Linden.   I don't know anything about LEerdam or who L. v.d. Linden was (a master glassblower? from what I can see on Botterweg, so perhaps designed by Meydam and then blown by L. v.d. Linden) but an avenue for you to pursue. 

Edited to add:

Leendert van der Linden - apologies for not knowing   :-[

More information here (article appears to have been written in 2008):

Information all found on the net by searching the names :)


Wow, thank you so very much for all the help. You really seemed to uncover a wealth of info that will help me out.

Its funny, I was convinced it was a Coppier piece because that was what I was finding that looked similar, but just learned of Meydam yesterday and shortly after I posted deduced it the MF must be identifying her. Not sure why that took so long to connect.

Anyhow, many many thanks.

flying free:
You're welcome :)


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