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Modern ribbed glass vase - ID = Fifth Avenue Crystal made in China


Hi all,

Looking for an ID (or even some feedback on possible country of origin, techniques). My background is more in furniture and my research methods don't work on glass. This cylindrical vase seems to be of high quality. The outer walls are ribbed, with the blue color on the raised area forming the stripes/ribbing. The bottom is indented. No markings anywhere. My guess is late 70s or 80s based simply on the geometric stylings and the color palette. Thanks in advance for any guidance!


Welcome to the Glass Message Board.

Your vase was sold under the brand Fifth Avenue Crystal in the States, I gather they were produced in China.

Below is a link to another example. There are also a few others on the board if you enter Fifth Avenue Crystal into the board search function.,63725.msg357403.html#msg357403

Hope this helps.


Hey Greg,

Thanks for the reply and the warm welcome! Nice to know I have not been the only one stumped/fooled by this particular design. I've reached out to Jay Companies, the parent brand for Fifth Avenue Crystal, to find out more information on when the Saturn design was made and where in the US it might have been retailed. I very much appreciate your putting me on the right path.



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