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Art Glass Mystery Piece - ID = Wallace and Sanders


This came in the same lot as the Royal Brierley piece and was the main reason I bought the lot, so hoping someone can help me ID. Lovely vase fully signed and dated what looks like 65 but could be 85. I've pictured the signature from both ways but can't find it in any of my books.


Andrew Sanders & David Wallace?   :?:

yep as max said Wallace & Sanders

it's really funny, because i sold a royal brierley  and  wallace & sanders piece the begining of last year to a lady down south, and yours paul is the same shape same style it could of been the one i sold

Clear as a bell Wallace and Sanders when you know what you're looking at, would it be 1965 or 85. These might well be the same bits then Ray as they were in a lot of art glass at a local general auction on Tuesday and so cheap I had to have em.

Post-1977 as that's when they started.


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