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Hi All, Stourbridge vaseline epergne?

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Hi All,
I have acquired this rather fetching Epergene and am trying to find out more about it. It stands over 16 inches tall and the glass glows well under uv lamp.
Many thanks for any info offered.

David E:
Taking a wild stab as no-one else has replied, I'd say a Stourbridge maker, but which one I can't say. However, if you edited the title of this thread (just click button) to include 'Stourbidge' and 'epergne', it should get more people to look! :D

also include the word "vaseline" - it's a prime example!

I know it's frowned on to add a comment that isn't useful, but I've been biting my lip since this went on the board!  :oops:  I don't usually like this type of thing, but blimey!  What a cracking example!  I assume the rods holding the little 'baskets' are metal, or are they glass?  It's a fabulous piece, I love the red detailing.  :D

David E:
Yes, I'm sure they are metal atachments. I also felt a comment was necessary purely to keep this piece to the forefront - staggeringly imposing: opulance gone mad! I'm sure Leni and Bernard will be along in a moment... 8)

The part where the metal attaches is also susceptable to breakage: I once had a cranberry base that had a broken stem and the base alone still fetched £80 :shock:


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