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Simple piece of irridescent glass

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Feel a bit embarrased putting this on here, it's not fabulous or anything.  :oops:  I bought it because of its simple shape...but now I can't find anything out about it.

Looks like it's pressed, then flattened by hand afterwards, as the seam runs in a slightly spiralled pattern up the bowl.

Any ideas?

Looks like it could be a Fenton fan vase. The glass is Stretch(ed) - that's the crizzley onion skin effect. Nice piece.


I'll add a bit - might be Fenton's #572 Rib Optic (Fan vase). [Shetlar & Madeley "Stretch Glass"]

As for the shaping, I'll take a guess that the "as moulded" shape could well have been hand finished with cherry wood paddles. The vase would have been iridised before final shaping in order to achieve the "stretch" effect.

I think the colour is Tangerine - and the date, circa 1920s.


Thank you Glen  :D  :D  I did think it was fairly early from the shape...that's one of the reasons I bought it really.  I did wonder if it was stretched, and your explanation with the cherry paddles seems to fit very well...IMVHO!  :wink:

That's another one filed away in my memory banks, thanks!  :D  :D


 :P  I love it  :D


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