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Identifying Blue glass..........Bristol, Cobalt, Irish?

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Hi - Just wondered if anyone had any tips for telling the difference between cobalt, bristol and irish blue glass................and any other types I may not have got confused by yet.  I would post a photograph but it's so hard to tell the actual colour of "blue" glass from a picture.  The bowl I have is a lovely purple/blue colour.  I don't think it's anything special but it got me looking at blue glass...........hence the confusion!

Many thanks

David E:
Hi Cat,

Not sure whether this is helpful, but whenever I photo Bristol Blue it always appears with a purplish tinge. This could just be my camera of course :roll:

Holmegaard's deep blue of the 50s-70s also has a purple tint to it. It might be common to a lot of dark blue glass, I don't know as I only have Holmegaard pieces to work from.

Edit: That should read 30s-70s. The deep blue of the 1820s-1920s was brighter and lighter, from the pieces I've owned and seen.

David E:
The story goes that the glassworks owner would throw a gold sovereign into every fresh pot of glass to give it the distinctive Bristol Blue hue.

Here's a link that might help:

Thank you all.

Nic - I was very interested to hear that Holmegaard had made blue glass with a purple tint..............I'm particularly drawn to Scandinavian glass that's why I bought this - it's very simple (quite heavy).  I posted a couple of photos as you might have seen something like it yourself.  Still amazed I can't get it to photograph the colour it actually is!

the bottom is :

I'm off to check out the bristol glass site.

Thanks again


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