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Maker's Mark - JR? - ID = Riedel

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As everyone seems to be in tonight I thought I'd try and get another mystery solved.  Makers mark etched, looks like JR inside a box with only 3 sides.  I've photographed it and put in a drawing (yes I know sorry about that) :

Any ideas?  I've been trying to crack this for a year but I am prepared to give up and do it the easy way now!


It's not in Hartmann so probably post 1950. A picture of the whole piece might help. This is a sandblasted mark, not etched.

Hi Frank - here is a picture but it may not be clear enough as there's no daylight left.

item is 8" high 2" diameter at the top and etched or engraved (but not sand blasted) with a scene of a cockerel, trees, and birds.  The green base might be stained.  I can't decide if it's a champagne flute or a vase.

Hope it helps

Josef Riedel again....

Hi Ivo - why did you say "again"?


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