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Maker's Mark - JR? - ID = Riedel

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For some reason this mark turns up again and again on this forum. Riedel is one of the largest contemporary glass makers, so there is lots of glass around with his mark on it. Their wine glasses are unsurpassed, by the way - if you ever find any, use them.

Riedel were established in 1756.

Ivo, do you know when this mark was introduced?

I believe the Riedels re-established their industry in Austria in 1955;  the CJR (Claus-Josef Riedel) monogram was introduced 1960. The monogram changes from year to year - so the Riedels can tell from the monogram when the piece was made.  Not sure if this information is found anywhere else... it is not on their website

catshome: I can see the mark is CJR.  I will search the board to have a look at some of the other things that have come up.  Thank you, Cat


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