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Svoboda Karlov vase

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I bought this the other day, it's 7.5" high with a Svoboda Karlov/hand made/Czech Republic sticker.

I can't work out how it's made...the blue/clear areas are slightly ridged, and it's encapsulated at the base in a verdant green colour.  I can't find out any information on this far.  I'm not selling this, I'm enjoying it too much at present!

Does anyone have a snippet of information about this company?

No information but it's a lovely bit of glass, I'd enjoy that as well, by the way love your Nemtoi vases where did you find them.

Thanks Paul.  :D  My Nemtoi vases were bought for me as a present (I chose them though) about 9 years ago, when Nemtoi was *unknown*. I think my ones are possibly unique, and when I chose them there was about 30 in different styles to choose from in a tiny gallery in my home town, Tenterden.  :D  :D   One of the best presents my ex-husband ever bought me.  :wink:


Forgive me for being dim Ivo  :oops:   I found items about Jaroslav Svoboda, but not Karlov and I wondered what the connection was?  Is it a family thing?


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