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Czech novelty figural thermometer - ID = ZBS

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Here is a cute novelty thermometer that I got in an op shop the other day.
It is about 15cm high, & the duck glows under black light. The thermometer is in perfect working order.
There are 2 labels on the base, one reading "Made in Czechoslovakia", but the other gold, shield-like one is indecipherable to me.
Anyone recognise it? Who made it & what era?
I'm thinking maybe mid-20th C. vintage.


looks like a ZBS sticker. I'd put this one in the 60s - but I could be a few years off....

Thanks Ivo!
It does look like it says ZBS,in a stylised script, when I examine it more closely.
Now, please excuse my lack of knowledge in this area, but who were ZBS?

are, Marinka, are. Zelezni Brodski Sklo, from Zelezni Brod, Czech Republic. Here is their website

Thanks again, Ivo!
I really appreciate the info,& it was great to see the website of the maker of my little thermometer!
As I said, glass of this period isn't my specialty,but I couldn't resist this cute item,which is also very useful. :)


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