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Czech novelty figural thermometer - ID = ZBS

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Just found this!
Guess I got a bargain!

Not sure that pricing is entirely realistic. Brychta ran the figurine department at ZBS from 1921 to 1960 - which is a very long time, but when he was pensioned off the department continued ...

His early works are sought after - matchstick figurines full of humour and quite distinctive in style. Later (studio) items tend to be more lumpy and realistic, and do not fetch the high prices of the 1920s and 1930s figurines.

There seems to be no reason to place the thermometer in the 1920s, as these neither match the style of early Brychta or of later studio figurines as there is not much detail in the item.

I agree with Ivo, that caution should be exercised as to value.

Few pieces were actually made by Brychta, who for the most part designed this type of item. Clearly the "Universe" series 1958, designed  for the Brussels World "Expo" were the work of Ladislav Ouhrabka. Other series designed by Brychta include:"Aquarium"1934, "Glass Heaven" 1936, "Bethlehem" 1936, and "Cities", 1942. Some of his most interesting personal work comes from the period following his retirement, where fantasy and playfulness led to the creation of weird and wonderfully coloured animals.

Nice item, possibly mid-1930's onward.



I am going to disagree on the pricing.  If your piece with the duck or the other piece that you showed in the link were in my possession and I knew nothing about it and had to price it, I would put it at around the $200 mark.

This would be based on comparable pieces and their availability in the U.S.

Sell it quick, we are still in the 50 year period and this are bound to become more common. :D


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