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Does anybody know about vaseline art glass?


Hi, I am really struggling to find out about this bowl. It has two layers of glass, one green, one vaseline white. The base is ground flat and has wear consistant with decades use. I would be grateful for any help. Thanks.

Similar dishes have been discussed here, scroll down to Ivo's comment,4717.0.html

Hi, and thanks for the link, I had a look, but most of the glass pictured seems to be pressed glass....this is definately a hand blown item, and it is has re-assuring sogns of age to base. Thanks for replying.

Aha but this is not a Sasaki piece which is press formed, but a free formed Murano ashtray. The colour is dark green with an opal outer - the term Vaseline being reserved for uranium glass with an opaque edge.  If you post this item in the Murano forum maybe someone will recognise the colour combo and point at a maker.

Hi verne,
It doesnt look like vaseline glass like Ivo metioned.
Most likley had a generic scalloped Venetian glass label on it.


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