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Aseda, Tapio Wirkkala, or modern copy?


I'm unsure about this bowl as it seems to be stained this smoke/brown colur inside the bowl, rather than solid colour.  I've seen vases signed Tapio Wirkkala with the same bottom, which is what drew me to it in the first place.  Now I'm thinking modern piece............6.25" diameter x 4" high :

bottom :

The bottom has a small hole in it.............anybody have any idea how to get rid of the small fogged patch in the bubble - looks like it was washed and left to drain upside down and some moisture got trapped directly opposite the tiny hole..........

I also picked up this cased vase today - 8" high x 7.25" in diameter, which I thought had a very Scandinavian feel to it.  I wondered if it might be Aseda :

Bottom :

Thank you for looking

The brown dish is by Krosno of Poland.

Going on colour alone, I would say Italy for the vase, c. 1970s.


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