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My Mystery Glass: UPDATED Mystery #2


I'm slowly going through all the "Stuff" that's accumulated here in the past two years, I can barely move in my house let alone get to my precious Blenko collection or get any work done! So it's time for a clean out.

I've had this unusual pitcher for a while, can't actually get to it to measure it lol but it's about 10" tall 4" in diameter.
It's marked on the base either 1-6178  or 8L19-1 not sure it's even the right way round in the pic.
The lid is unusual it's a Solid hunk of glass that sits inside the top of the jug with a rim that stops it from falling in and an applied handle on top.
It has an applied spout and handle and a pretty thick heavy base.

My impression is scandinavian but I could be way off. I don't even know what it's for... tea? coffee??

Please oh Please can someone shed some light on this one.

It's for maple syrupI think.

That's an Idea, thanks. Although it seems larger than any syrup pitcher I've seen before.

Here's two more that have puzzeled us all to the conclusion that they are not American.

English perhaps? definately Victorian or earlier.
Any clues


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