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Author Topic: Slumped, Fused, Cast, and Formed Glass Artists  (Read 68306 times)

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Slumped, Fused, Cast, and Formed Glass Artists
« on: July 18, 2019, 01:19:28 PM »
I have been doing a lot of research into fused glass recently.  This seems to be a relatively new and growing area of glass collecting, and there does not appear to be as much information about these glass artists as there is for blown glass studio and art glass.  I started collecting names of glass artists so that I could have a resource to help identify signatures on pieces.  This has grown to around 175 names, and I thought it might be helpful to other members if I posted it on the GMB.  I have sorted it by first name, as we can usually identify the first letter of a signature.  There is so much really fabulous glass appearing in this category, that I wondered whether it might be helpful to have a dedicated section on the board for reference.

Slumped, Fused, Cast and Formed Glass Artists

Akiko Iwase
Alejandra Koch
Alex Bernstein
Alice Benvie Gebhart
Alicia Keleman
Alison Sigethy
Andrew Poder
Ann Cavanaugh
Ann Nye
Anne Wren Nye
Annie McMullan
April Wagner
Ardan Ízmenoğlu
Barbara Galazzo
Ben Young
Bernie Huebner
Bill Zweifel
Binh Pho
Bob Leatherbarrow
Bobby Coleman
Caleb Nichols
Candace Held
Charlotte Arvelle
Christie Moody
Christine Chaise Greenwood
Christine Freeburn
Cindy Conder
Colin Reid
Connie Sebring
Cynthia Lynn Miller
Czeslaw Roszkowski
Dan Barnes
Daniel Ost
Darryl Trezise
DaSomm Choi
David Hobday
David Pascoe
Denise Kimbrough
Dennis DeBon
Dennis Wojtkiewicz
Detlef Gotzens
Dianne Sonnenberg
Dianne Taylor
Elizabeth Dunlop
Elizabeth Robinson
Elizabeth Ryland Mears
Els Vanden Ende
Emma Varga
Erin Ashley
Ernest Porcelli
Linda Humphrey
Linda Warwick Smith
Lisa Cahill
Lisa Mote
Lisa Vogt
Lu Chi
Lyn Clark
Lynette Forrester
Lynn Neuman
Mark Briggs
Mark Ditzler
Markian Olynyk
Marsha Blaker
Martin Kremer
Mary Shaffer
Maurizio Alfier
Meg Branzetti
Mel Munsen
Melissa Haid
Micah Evans
Michal Macků
Michelle Ferry
Michelle Keeling
Mike Tonder
Miriam Di Fiore
Miriam Mitchell
Mollie Barrow
Morgan Madison
Nan Phillips
Nathan Sandberg
Niko Brown
Nina Cambron
Orfeo Quagliata
Patty Grey
Paul Graham
Paul Messink
Paula Marksbury
Paula Rylatt
Pauline Olesen
Pavel Hlava
Peggy Karr
Peter Kovacsy
Petr Hora
Randie Silverstein
Raymonde Chabrun
Renato Foti
Richard Altman
Rick Beck
Robert (Bob) Leatherbarrow
Robert Buick
Roberta Ayles   Evelyn Dunstan
Frank Thompson
Fritz Prehal
George Walsh
Georgia Pozycinski
Giles Bettison
Glenda Kronke
Grant Miller
Haley Haddow
Helen Nock
Higgins Glass (Michael and Frances)
Holly Grace
Ian Rylatt
Jaky Felix
James Nowak
Jane Bohane
Janet Zambai
Jay Musler
Jaye Houle
Jeanine Huot
Jeff Felix
Jeremy Popelka
Jeri Goodman
Jim Freeburn
Jim McGie
Joan Irving
Joanna Lloyd
Joe Fedderson
Jon Kuhn
Josep SanJaun
Joseph Enszo
Joseph Pozycinski
Judi Hartman
Julie Alland
Jun Kaneko
Karen Bexfield
Karen Ehart
Karen La Monte
Karo Martirosyan
Kevin Lubbers
Kim Brill
Kristin McFarlane
Larry Pile (Kessler Kraftsman)
Laura Hart
Laurel Yourkowski
Laurene Howell
Laurie Burns
Laurie Wilson
Leah Nowak
Linda Ethier
Roger Thomas
Rollin Karg
Ronnie Hughes
Ruth Shelley
Scott Irvine
Sheila Callander
Siyeh Studio
Stan Harmon
Steve Immerman
Tammy Hudgeon
Teddy Devereux
Terri Smart
Tolly Nason
Tom Philabaum
Toots Zumsky
Veronica S°rem
Vicki Joslyn
Vicky Kokolski
Warren Langley
Wayne Charmer
Wendy Clark
William LeQuier
Yevette Lubbers
yOSHI Aoki
Yury Vassilev
Yvonne Veen
Zhao Tingting
Cat 😺

"There is very little knowledge that can't be obtained through effort"  -  Mark Cuban

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Re: Slumped, Fused, Cast, and Formed Glass Artists
« Reply #1 on: November 19, 2019, 07:03:42 PM »
I received an email in response to this topic, from a lady who couldn't post a reply.  I have pasted it in below.

"I was reading your slumped, fused and cast aside (ok I just added that last bit automatically as it was all describing me) thread, and i can't reply there.
There are, I have found various different qualities of fused glass - some is done at higher temperatures than others, and the different colours end up melting into each other - a good example of that is the work by Emma Butler Cole-Aitken. She does stained glass - but uses fusing techniques too.
I've got a couple of her little birdies. Jethro and Amber. Each one has its own name. You might like to study some of her work.

cheery cheers,
Cat 😺

"There is very little knowledge that can't be obtained through effort"  -  Mark Cuban

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