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Bimini Glass and the Politics of Survival - free copies

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Hello Angela,

I really wanted to leave a review, as I thoroughly enjoyed your book.  I use a laptop and read your book on kindle cloud reader but, although it said there were 1435 "locations", it finished at location 1434 for Bagley glass, and refused to let me see 1435 where I suspect there would have been a link to review.

So for you, and any GMB members yet to read your book, my review.

I found the juxtaposition between the dark history of the 1930/40s, and the light, delicate, often whimsical glass produced by Bimini Glass, very poignant.  Although this is very much a history book, being centred on the story of a small group of family and friends made it as accessible as a novel. It was a priviledge to see so many clear and varied photographs of pieces from private collections with such good provenance.  As a glass collector, I feel I have a great deal more confidence in identifying potential Bimini or Orplid pieces, and I cannot wait to go through my collection of unresearched buttons to see if there are any flowerpot backstamps!

Angela, thank you for making your excellent book available in this way, what a labour of love.

Kind regards

Angela B:
Thank you so much for your review. When we get a review like this it makes it all worthwhile. I will send a copy to my co-author Raymond. I'm also copying your review onto the Amazon page.

 I think others have had a problem putting their review on Amazon; my sincere thanks to all those who tried!  :(
Best wishes


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