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Arta (??)


A collector in Belgium has uncovered two examples of a hithertoe unknown label.
The vase with scalloped rim and gold rings is typically Belgium and probably comes from an unidentified factory which also produced black vases that were painted with bouquets.
The scond item is a pressed glass plate which is marked 'Fait en Belgique'
Both of them bear the foil label 'Arta'.
There were not many factories making decorative pressed glass after 1935 or so. It could be Pavillons? or Scailmont? or perhaps one of several others.
Does anybody have other examples of this label which might help me to identify the maker?

I'm pretty sure it's not related to the designer 'Arta' who worked for Vianne (France) not the Arta factory that produced ceramics in Austria.

Until today I've connected ARTA only to that small, beautiful town on Mallorca island  ;)

Could these labels just point to the trader who fixed them quite prominently especially on the plate? Would a glassworks do that?  :-X  ;D

flying free:
Same company?

A distributor?  or an Arts emporium type thing?


We're pretty sure (as I said) that this is a false lead...but it's not impossible.
The Viane lampshades are in a completely different style, and the marks imply that the ARTA name is the retailer or lamp maker, not the factory.
If it WERE a (Belgian) factory then it would be odd that the Viane items bear no resemblance at all to anything else produced in Belgium nor to either of the labelled examples. The two labelled examples in my previous post (above), in contrast are quite typical of Belgian (pre-war) production and have several characteristics to support that, besides the style of the label.
The name Arta is likely to be a range rather than a name of a place/factory. There is no reference to it in Massart's comprehensive book, nor is the name recorded by the government as an employer.
Other examples of labelled ranges with unidentified producers are on my website (Chanteclair, Mimosa, Belle Garde, etc)

Having said which I cannot absolutely disprove either of the other theories, but will point out that yes, labels were stuck on the middle of plates and bowls, and typically on the waist or neck of (baluster) vases, so I see no reason to think it indicates the label belongs to a third party.

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  :-[  My apologies. I didn't read your entire post properly.



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