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Question for Frank re Ysart lamp shade

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Frank, I've just spent a delightful hour exploring your site, and wonder if I can ask two questions please? Firstly, how is Ysart pronounced? Is is as in Why-sart or as in Is-art? or some other way?

Secondly, you have a photo of a Monart lamp here: with a hand-painted shade made of  panels of something stitched together. What would the shade be made of please, and would it have been decorated by the workers at Monart or were they made elsewhere? (I just adore this lamp!)

Thanks for any info about the above.

Hi Anne,

The correct pronunciation is ees-art. The family name was originally Isart and got changed by the British immigration to Ysart on arrival in the UK. All of their christian names were anglicized too!

If you look at the Liberty catalogues Photos, Catalogues You will see more examples of these shades. The frames were steel and the fabric parchment, originally tied with gut. They were hand-painted at a workshop in London.

The Glass Association's next journal will contain an article on Monart lamps by Ian Turner and will bring new information to collectors. The Glass Association website is at and is worth joining.

Frank, thank you for your reply. I think I've read every page on your site now, it was truly fascinating, and from yours I followed the link to KevH's site and did the same there!  (Thanks also to KevH for all his wonderful info pages.)

I've downloaded the Glass Association membership form and shall get that mailed off asap. The articles sound extremely interesting and I'm sure I'll learn a lot from them too. :)

All 200 pages! Wow.

I agree that Kevin's is amazing, taking us to great depth! I have a backlog of Kevin's contributions to my site and they are all complex!

200? It feels like it! :) I've certainly gone through an awful lot of them - seeing as I'm recovering from a lousy Xmas cold I'm taking it easy and what better way to do so than reading about glass? ;)


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