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Does Fostoria American come in dark green?

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Just bought four tall tea glasses in dark green.  Dealer knew nothing about them and 2 mould lines were the only marks.  Trying to identify the pattern to make it easier to search for additional pieces.  Finding conflicting information on whether Fostoria Amercan came in dark green or if Indiana Whitehall was the only one available in green.  Any help would be appreciated.

Do you have a pic?

Is it an olive green reminicent of the 60's or a deep emerald green?

David E:
Click this link on how to upload photos:,6522.0.html

If the glasses were made on a 2-part mould, then they are Whitehall.

looks like these are indiana whitehall then.  now i'll know just what to look for when searching for more pieces.  thank you everyone for your expertise.


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