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Akcam bowl. Turkey.


Anne E.B.:
Wasn't sure which category to post this in.  Large bowl, which I first thought was metal because of its appearance and the sound it made when tapped.  Turns out it is handmade in Turkey by Akcam.  The exterior appears to have been sprayed with a plastic like surface and the interior is very glossy.  However, I just wonder if this is a transfer of some sort, plain on one side with the tortoise shell pattern on the other and added to a clear glass bowl????   Just about able to find the plastic label on the inside - shown below for reference. 

Previously discussed here,46236.msg259533.html#msg259533  I've seen lots of these large flower type bowels around and have often wondered where they came from.

Some more here as well:,62604.0.html


Anne E.B.:
It's good to know who made them as I've seen these quite often on my travels, usually the flowery petal shape ones. Good to know that they made them in such a variety of shapes/patterns too.
I'm still not sure how mine was made though ???.  Well, I say "mine", but I bought it for someone who I know will like it.

Not sure how they are made. Assuming they start with the glass though... Then maybe the pattern added next with a final coat of paint on the back. The pattern could be on a thick sheet of some material that is flexible when hot, that could give the 3D nature of the patterns and shape to the bowl. Could find out by damaging one to see how it is made but...

Large platter approx 16" diameter in local CS.  Has a swing tag "Silverina Made in Turkey".  very similar to the Akcam pieces - geometric design with painted back.


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