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Bohemia Glass Dish made in Czech

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I am looking for anyone who can identify the maker, Year, & if it is properly called a "Banana Dish" or is there another proper term?

Very large heavy thick glass
Measures:  7 1/2" tall x 12 3/8" length x 6 1/4" wide

Thanks A million.........................


Is this thing on??????????????

Vintagerose :(

==> It's got a sticker
==> there is no question as to identity
==> it's as modern as it gets (the Czech republic did not exist before 1990)
==> Maker is one of  the Bohemia factories
==> I would not call it a banana dish but a centerpiece or posy holder

Yes, the board is working
Yes, some of us are here
Yes, some of us are otherwise occupied (it's the summer holidays)
Yes, we don't know any more than you do :)  

Please be patient with us - not everyone checks the board every day even when it's not the summer holidays and the sun is (for a change) shining. :D

BTW I have a similar-shaped but unlabelled/unmarked thing which I have always thought of as a banana dish - a name I have only seen used in the US I think though - but again I have no clue as to maker of either yours or mine:

As modern as it comes, post 1992, in terms of date of manufacture, and the label is no great indicator, as it is used by both Sklarny Bohemia, Podebrady and Sklo Bohemia at Svetla nad Sazavou, from 1993 if it states Czech Republic (Czechoslovakia was used before that for three years at most). Very difficult to find a named designer for this item.


Le Casson


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