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Glass Goblet - ID = Hortensja

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Help please to ID this glass goblet. I do not really know if it's quite new or old.

It would have seemed to have started blue as shown on the inside and somehow coated.

Height 7"
Weight 236gm

Thanks Roy

 ;D Hortensja. ~ '80s
The decor is created using silver salts and I believe these pieces were made to order, along with the sister range in browny amber colouration.

Thanks Sue for the fast ID, I did not have a clue but did suspect it may have been newer than old.

Thanks again Roy

They're very nice things. There is a big discussion of this design here somewhere - it can get a little confused with older, top quality stuff when folk don't know exactly what they're looking at. I'll try to find it.

(my goblet has a plastic sticky label on),49549.0.html

Many thanks for finding and adding the link. Very interesting.

Thanks Roy


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