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Pressed glass bowl & plinth

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Anne E.B.:
Any ideas what this might be would be much appreciated :P

They were bought together, but I'm not so sure that they belong together.  The bowl doesn't look right on the plinth, although it has a stepped base and seems to fit - something about the proportions IMHO that doesn't quite feel right.  There are no markings on the plinth and I don't recognise it.

TIA :wink:

David E:
Looks to be Bagley plinth, EDIT: but I think the vase is possibly Sowerby?

Anne E.B.:
I checked Glen's Sowerby's Vol.2 but it wasn't there.  Also, Pamela's museum, without success.  Did a search on Baguley and couldn't find anything similar.   I thought may be it could be Czech, but Baguley is a possibility if as you say you think the plinth could be Baguley.

This base looks the same as the two in my Bagley book but it's different as yours goes inwards and has no step on the top part.

The book quotes that it is fairly confident that one of the plinths shown in the book is made by Bagley (but not 100% confident).

How tall is it and how much does it measure across the top?

I can't find the pattern on the bowl in my book either.  :(

Anne E.B.:
The plinth is 3¾" high and the top is 4" diameter.  It looks a bit like a plinth I had once that I was informed held a "Berlin" bowl, but the inside is more stepped and not rounded.  Looking at the shape of the bottom of the bowl and the inside shape of the plinth, I'm certain that it is a mismatch.


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