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Pressed glass bowl & plinth

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Anthony Tiger first: happy hunting!
Anne E.B: my first thought on your bowl is Scandi
can only tell what it is not:
German (there is a similarity to Walther 'Kopenhagen' pattern, but I do believe it is not.

Anne E.B.:
It does look similar to the 'Kopenhagen' pattern.  I hadn't considered Scandi, so I'll investigate that option.  Thanks Pamela 8)

Tigger - catch anything?

Hmmm, the one in the Bagley book measures 4 inches across the top, over 5.5 inches across the base and 4 inches tall. If it wasn't for the step on the inside top rim I would have said it was the same one.


I caught...
...absolutely nothing in Blyth harbour.

For a Tiger that is punishable by death, but I have plenty in the freezer anyway.

Anne E.B.:
It does look rather Bagleyesque.

Love the photo (and the boots aren't half bad either 8)) a great composition Tigger 8)


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