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8" Transfer-Printed Handkerchief Vase

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It appears to be similar to the Chance 'candy stripe' pattern (I think - I'm not too familiar with Chance glass). It's most likely a second, as there's a score-line in the transfer on two sides of the vase and the transfer is unevenly applied and goes right to the edge of the vase.

Vase height averages out at 8.2". The white appears to be flashed onto clear, and only the yellow decoration is printed, as the white colouring is unaffected by the scoring.

Wonky Scored Print

Is it Chance, perchance? Or should I look elsewhere for an attribution?

It looks like Chance candy-stripe to me Nic. David will be able to confirm... could be a second if the transfer is squiffy I suppose:  I don't know how good, or otherwise, Chance's quality control was.

Were Chance vases flashed and then over-printed? I really have nothing in my collection to compare it to.

David E:
Yes, it is Candy Stripe which is one of the scarcer models! Most are around 7", so the 8" is quite unusual, but I've only ever seen yeloow and sky-blue models. The mark looks more like a scratch so will devalue it a certain amount.

But is this an opal glass? :shock: If so then this is very unusual and - dare I say it - rare?  Well found  8)

The posy vases (4" & 5" height) were made by cutting the glass to shape, silk-screen printing the flat glass and then 'slumped' naturally in a kiln at 700 degrees C with no manual intervention. The larger 7" and 8" handkerchief vases wouldn't slump naturally, so had to be prodded with a willow stick to the desired shape. Each one lovingly crafted by hand ... etc.

I've still to date this pattern as it's such an unusual one, but if this is opal and not clear glass, that might be a big clue to it being earlier than 1960 — maybe deriving from the Cut Pearl intaglio model? Always a possibility.

Is it OK to use the photos, Nic? If possible, one against a neutral background would be most welcome  :)

The mark runs perfectly straight from one corner to the next (taking the ripples into account) but runs at an angle to the edge, all of which would suggest it was there before it was shaped.

I'll do some better photos against a less cluttered background when I can find my photo tent in the next couple of days (it's buried somewhere) - feel free to use them as you want when they're up.

Typically, as always seems to be the case, I bought this at a carboot for £2 and gave it to my father thinking it wouldn't be worth much more - and it turns out to be a probably rare 'un! The same happened when I bought him what I thought was a cheap piece of decorative Polish glass, and it turned out to be a £50+ Riihimaen 'Tornado' vase...  :roll:


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