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Can you help me identify this glass?



The cordial glass is 5ΒΌ" tall, the sherry is 5".  There is a band of circles 3/8" below the lip, below that is a repeating pattern of diamonds separated by 4 cut lines.  There are no markings of any kind.  They were purchased either during the 1940's or 50's.  

Thank you for any help you can give me.

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Hi suttondsus, could I ask you to keep your images a little smaller please - some users with older systems or who are on dial up connections have problems with larger ones, especially when there are several together - and large sizes can also cause problems for the board in terms of excessive use of bandwidth (which has caused the board to be unavailable at times). I've converted the images to links for now. If you wish to insert thumbnails with links to the larger ones please feel free to do so. Thank you.  :D

Advice taken!  Can you recommend a suitable size (pixels) for future use?

David E:
In my experience, 640 pixels is more than enough as the longest dimension.


Use Irfanview for image editing:

Hi David, thanks for understanding. :) 

David (Dencill) suggests not more than 640 pixels which may be OK as a ball park figure for a single image but if there are several images all together the total amount of space used by the images is actually quite large and on smaller screens and slower connections can still be a little overpowering. :?

From the boards point of view the best option is to either post your image as a link, or to post a small thumbnail image which acts as a clickable link to a larger version of the same image. That gives folks the chance to see it and decide if they want to look more closely whilst not causing problems for other users.

The image help post we have recommends using GlassGallery (the dedicated image gallery for this board) to host your pictures. GlassGallery creates thumbnails as part of the gallery process and you can use these in your board posts by copying the path from the thumbnail (right-click > Properties > copy image path) and then surrounding that with an IMG tag. Then surround the whole IMG with an URL tag adding the path to the Gallery image into the URL tag.

Gosh that sounds complicated but it isn't really...! ;) Here's an example (I've added spaces between the square brackets and the contents so you can see the format used - to make it work properly you'd leave out the spaces).

[ url= ] [ img ] [ /img ] [ /url ]

which actually gives this effect (click the thumbnail to go to larger image):

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