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Purple Drinking glass by A.D. Copier for Glasfabriek Leerdam

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I'm eagerly looking for the maker of this interesting glass. I bought it in Belgium.
For me it has a Josef Hoffmann feel to it but I'n presume this is wishful thinking of me.

Height is: 12 cm
is 8 cm

help is very much appreciated


flying free:
I have no idea if Leerdam made amethyst glass but perhaps they might be in contention?

This is a set of clear in a similar shape being sold as Copier Leerdam (not the same though) with facet cut foot:

Well spotted. It is leerdam and in the 'Copier complete' book on page 226.
Here's a link om these glasses:

The mystery is that these glasses officially never where produced in purple.  Photo's have been send to the museum for further investigation. So I'll keep you posted.
Also many thanks to Jay Maclellan from 'Hogelandshoeve Glass' Hoeselt Belgium for his expertise.
I'll keep you posted on the research of the museum

flying free:
ooooh - Result :)

Nice if there was a set of them. Great find.


It has been confirmed by the Leerdam museum, that  this glass is a very rare version of the KO1023 Whiskey glass

A very lucky find!

Thanks for all the help

Marc van der Heijden


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