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Poss Whitefriars?

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I can't upload this to the Whitefriars site as I haven't transferred my imaging software from the old computer.  But I'm having my doubts about this now.  It's triangular, about 24cm high has a polished pontil like my other WF stuff and has ribs that extend all the way up.  Anyone?



Something missing off your link Flick. Can't get to photobucket.

OK I got there manually but the pic is only a thumbnail and too small to see properly but I have my doubts.

Thanks Pat for your reply.  It's on here now I've joined Irfanview.




--- Quote from: "Pat" ---Something missing off your link Flick.
--- End quote ---

what's missing is the closing tag for the image => [/img]

With photobucket I have to REMOVE both opening and closing {IMG} tags to get the image otherwise it opens up the ENTIRE album.  I know that sounds odd, but that is how it works for me.  And P.S. the vase is not Whitefriars, cannot help with ID. It is of similar shape to the W/F tricorns, but do not have flutes along entire length aside from other dis-similararities (is that a word?)



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