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Thanks Anne but I can't find it there. Maybe I need to contact a Lalique specialist.

B & M:
I'm sorry to say your bowl is not what it appears. It is in fact a Barolac pattern, originally produced by Inwald in Czechoslovakia from the mid 30's. It can be found in the 1948/50 Glassexport catalogue, available from Siegmar Geiselberger at  

A number of these pieces have had fake sigiatures added, they turn up not infrequently on ebay. It's still a nice piece of glass in its own right, just a shame someone has tried to pass it off as something it isn't.

Thanks for the information, the signature did look a little false, do you have any idea what  the value of this bowl would be now as it's not lalique  :cry:

B & M:
Martinus, In truth it's very difficult to put a value on it. Interest in Barolac is seemingly growing, albeit slowly. I have seen a number of opal pieces offered at high prices, £200+, though plain frosted examples are more common and fetch much less. The fake signiature, to my mind, devalues this bowl further. Despite the high dealer prices, Barolac also often fails to perform well at auction. A nice looking opal example of the pattern failed to make its reserve when offered on ebay recently

I have a fair collection of Barolac  and have rarely paid more than £50 for good opal examples, the exceptions being an opal seahorse handled vase and unusual early fish design vase with silver plating, both of which cost me about £100 each from ebay. I consider these bargains, however, in comparison with what dealers ask and what French glass of the period fetches. Closest comparison with your bowl was a similar piece, late production in plain frosted glass, I saw at an antique centre last year with a price of £60


Again, thanks for the information, as you said the fake signature will also bring the price down. At least I now know it's not lalique and I did'nt pay that much for it thank god!!!!!


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