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big vase Art Noveau? - ID = Andries Copier for Leerdam

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Hi, everyone
after a long time I now have an unequivocal identification of the vase. I was at the National Museum Leerdam last week but couldn't find the vase. I then wrote to the curator of the museum, who answered promptly. The vase is from 1943 by Andries Copier and is also shown in a book about the glass school in Leerdam. I am very happy to now have a truly unequivocal expertise

 :) Wonderful news, Monika. You must be thrilled. We all knew it was something very special and good, didn't we? I'm quite thrilled too.  8) 8) 8)

Im thrilled for sure ;D :D, they also said that only a few where made


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