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I am looking through a catalogue for an auction we are going to shortly, and there are a couple of Nanny Still vases listed, nothing else mentioned.  Now I had not heard of Nanny Still until reading about him (?)  here so I have no feeling for the values and how much to bid.  I'm floundering about on line comparing up values.... seems to be a very wide variation.

Am I right in thinking that as a rule of thumb the Riihimaen stuff is more valuable than the Riihimaki?   And the tall straight stuff (Harlekin? is it?) most expensive?

Are there any markings on the base I should be looking for?

thanks for the quick master class.....

Hi Lynne,

Riihimaen and Riihimaki were one in the same company. It was situated in Riihikamki and was once called by the same name. It later became known as Riihimaen Lasi Oy.

Nanny Still is a lady, if you Google there is lots of info about her.
Harlekiini is a range, designed by Nanny Still and comanding great sums of money.

I loathe to say this, but take a look on ebay to get an idea of what the company made. Some is marked and some is not.
It seems as though Riihimaen pieces are becoming more and more collectable.

I have quite a few pieces as I love most of the stuff.

Nanny Still is a lady and yes, you're right about the Harlekiini range - it is pretty collectable (and commanding good prices).  However, most of the Nanny Still vases I have are just your bog standard unsigned 'lantern' types that don't command big prices but are very decorative and come in nice bright colours.

*posted at the same time as Della* :-)

I personally prefer Tamara Aladin designs (for the same company of course).  :lol:

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Great minds an' all, Pip.  :lol:  :lol:

My favourite is Helena Tynell.


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