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Daum signature (without France)

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Please help!  I have an auction on ebay and I received an email telling me this is a fake.  It is a Daum Crystal Dolphin my uncle purchased from Neiman Marcus in Dallas around 1972.  I was told this is not a Daum signature and that the piece is badly done. If you have any knowledge on this piece please let me know.  I don't want to sell a fake and will pull the auction.
The item is listed as "Daum Crystal Dolphin with Stand
Thanks for any help.

Tony H:
Here is a link to Great Glass who have a page of Trade Marks and Labels let me know if it works
Kind regards Tony H in NZ

I have a dozen pieces of Daum crystal from the 50s-70s and they are ALL signed "Daum France" - even the tiny salt cellars. So a large dolphin with just "Daum" would be suspicious.

Can't access larger picture so can't really tell.  Daum did make a large leaping dolphin on a chrome stand like this, in the seventies. They used to retail for about £250 in those days.

Thanks Tony for the website, but unfortunately it only has pre war trade mark for Daum.
Ivo, I am afraid you are right.  I've searched the web and can not find anything with just "Daum".
Thanks for writing.


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