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Amber One Gallon Jug with Cork Seal. ID = Dominion Glass, Canada

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I am trying to find out the origin of this one gallon amber jug, it has no raised letters or markings on it on the outside, it has a finger loop and was sealed with a cork.  On the bottom, it has the letter "D" within a diamond logo, which I believe represents the Dominion Glass company in Canada, and this logo was used from 1928 to 1976 I believe.  Also on the underside it also a raised marking or code that resembles a fish hook, it is a short straight line with a small circle on one end and a half circle on the other end, or possibly it is an extended number, a 6 or a 9.   This marking or code may identify which factory in Canada it was produced in, or the year or range of years it was made or possibly what the jug was used for or what was stored in it.   Any help with this jug would be appreciated.  I have two pictures showing the jug and the underside.  Thanks.  Erwin

Hi Erwin, welcome to the GMB.

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Hello Erwin.... German?

Yes you are right with Dominion Glas Company Canada, Born 1913 when a couple of Glas company’s „married“ the D within the rhombus was used from 1913 and is only seen on flasks not on table glas.

The flask company produced in Montreal. Table Glas was produced in Walleceburg and until 1925 in Toronto, 

This informations are from the Glasmarken Lexikon from Carolus Hartmann.

I think this Jugs where used for a lot of liquids, but maybe this was for Canadian Whiskey?


Well done Monika. One of the quickest ID results I have known here. Off to the Canada forum it is then. ;D

Thanks for note and info Kevin, I already knew the jug was made in Canada so I posted on the Canada forum, but I did not know anything else about the actual factory and years of manufacturer, etc. so I posted on the Glass forum too, but completely understand the potential complications of having two threads going at one time, and now we are back to the Canada forum so will go forward from here.

Thanks Monika for the quick response; yes, I have a German background, both my grandparents and father immigrated to Canada From Austria.  I appreciate the information from your book, it sounds like a very large encyclopedia.  Dominion Glass had 6 factories across Canada, and yes, Montreal and Wallaceburg were two of them.  I have attached the history of Dominion Glass where it explains the evolution of the Diamond D logo ( or D within a Rhombus).

Not sure what you mean by flask - in English, flask usually means a type of laboratory glass or a small flat rounded glass vessel that you can carry in your pocket.  Are you saying this jug in the picture would be considered a type of flask?

In the history of Dominion Glass that I have attached as a file, it mentions during Prohibition, Dominion glass bottles with no markings on the bottom were used to ship whisky from a Saskatchewan still to the United States but then later,  they were forced to start using their diamond D logo in order to ship into the states, so yes, this jug could have been used for whiskey at one time, this is one of the things I am trying to find out, what was this jug used for i.e. what liquids were shipped in it and by whom?

What I am really curious about is what the factory code (the elongated number 6 or 9, or fish hook symbol) on the bottom of the bottle refers to - location of factory? Year or month of manufacture? Mold number?   Any help or information on this would be appreciated.   Erwin


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