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Amber One Gallon Jug with Cork Seal. ID = Dominion Glass, Canada

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Hello Erwin
At least you know more about Dominion than me. I know only what I read yesterday. If you want I send you a scan from the book, but I doubt that there are more information then you already know. Are you able to read German?

Im not a native speaker, so Im sorry about the misunderstanding from the flask, may be because Im working in a lab. I only wanted to say that only in Montreal  bottles jugs and maybe flasks where produced.

Morning Monika and thanks for reply, no I can't read German and I agree with you, it looks like there is just as much or more information on Dominion Glass on other historical glass websites as there is in your book, so no need to scan pages, thanks for the offer though.

I have to assume that your book has nothing to say on the factory code on the bottom of the jug, the elongated 6 or 9, that is what I am looking for now.  I did mange to find an article on the mould numbers and what size of bottles, and contents, etc. from the Montreal factory, and yes, there was some flasks listed among other types of bottles but no 160 oz. ( 1 gallon) amber jugs were listed, so it must have been made at a different factory, I am thinking possibly the one in Redcliff Alberta, which was located near to me and I did find this jug in Alberta too.

Anyway, good for now, I will see if anyone else responds and has some information that may be useful.  Regardless, thanks for your time on this Monika.   



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