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Poor Kumela Jacobino Rabbit

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When I bought this Kumela/Jacobino rabbit, I thought it was odd to have the gold dots on it!   :x

I've half-heartedly picked at them (as you do) but they seem quite attached.  I have to get them off somehow!  Perhaps nail varnish remover?

Max, are you sure they don't belong on him? He is a super bunny! :greeneyes:  :wink:

I bet it's PVA glue, in which a long soak in water might soften it. Perhaps it's his Christmas outfit :?

maybe he LIKES being gold and glittery??

Every bunny should be allowed his glitzy day.


I've a picture in my picture library of this rabbit, with four buttons down his front, so possibly don't pick at them! I can't post the photo - it's an eBay one, but will e-mail as your email link is there. I just love this animal series - there's a duck and a cat (wearing D&G shades), probably more.

I did see an auction for the bunny one, described as a "fruit bat" LOL  :roll:



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