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Mottled clear and brown candlestick with double ball knop stem. ID = Hortensja

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Approx. 10.5cm high x 8.5cm rim and base diameter, weight 146g.

Mottled brown with greenish cream opaline patches.  The whole thing glows as though on fire when help up to the sun.  Looks rough but is smooth to the touch inside and out.

I wondered if it might be related to the Mtarfa piece I posted for reference in link below,  but it's much thinner/finer.,69191.msg385486/boardseen.html#new.

It also reminds me of the still unidentified "eye bowl" on this link,7011.0.html

adding a picture of the three pieces together

Hortensja. Poland. A design which was only made to order in the '80s. The surface is decorated with silver salts. It's a modern take on an older design with a complicated name I cannot remember off hand... Tadious.......?
It comes in a blue colour too.  :)

More info. in this thread.,38748.0.html
I'll keep digging - there is another longer thread somewhere, with more, I think.

By happy coincidence a recent purchase.

Thanks, John. That saves me trying to dig my pic of one of those out from somewhere. (Mine does have the plastic label still attached.)
It's sitting beside the candleholder like Cat's, I got from you.  ;D


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