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Plafonnier marked C.S.R


I have come across a conical lamp shade decorated with honesty seed pods, 40 cm in diameter, in satin glass. The vendor says it's by Etling. However, it is marked C.S.R on the shade. I have found other lamp shades thus marked. I cannot determine what C.S.R stands for. I cannot find anything on GMB discussing it before. As a guess, C could stand for Cristallerie.

I am aware of a similar lamp shade numbered 67 in the Choisy-le-Roi catalogue. Is this the same design? I haven't yet added this lamp shade to the Etling project web site.

The image attached here is used with express permission from Sapho Gallery Inc., New York, USA.

Thats a very tricky one.....let me think, coould CSR stand for ChoiSy le Roi?

More examples here too and and

I haven't managed to pin down the initials to any glassmaker in France yet though.


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