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nuutajärvi from 1957 - but who....? = Jaakko Niemi

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Thanks, try as I might, I have had trouble with this, trying to manipulate the image in order to read it, and that was the best I could get....Now you point it out, its obvious......but still looks bad on here.
Lessons in sticking to my own field, taken on board...... :D

Well,  I obviously have an advantage here in deciphering Finnish names. Also let's blame it on Ivo - the picture wasn't that clear!  :D

And I was so proud of the picture! Because it has a flat base I could use the scanner and scanned the sig at 600 Dpi, then enhanced the image. No camera involved.

The piece itself is this one:

And as for Finnish: I tried, I really tried - but after yksi kaksi kolme it takes me a full minute to come up with neljä and three minutes to remember visi - the rest takes just too long, so I am quite happy to leave it to the Fins!

Bill G:
Ivo: A very interesting piece of Finnish glass. Are we looking at a soldid form within a form or has the artist/designer captured air within the design to create the internal shape. An interesting technical question.
Bill Geary

yes it is an donut-shape (excuse the merkinism) air pocket in a solid piece of glass and it encircles the 'vase' opening. Obviously not something for a beginning glassmaker. The diameter is 9 cm (3 1/2 ")


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