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Ashtray, is it VSL ?


I bought this ashtray, I thought it was VSL because of the ‘Trident’ series. It is made in two colours of crystal the same technique, but with other colours and four swirls ?  I thought about a ‘Quadrant’ series but can’t find it.
I saw another one in Jay’s website, a Dutch Kristalunie ashtray with the same shape. 
I asked Jay, but that one is only produced in one colour, a yellow casing all over. 
He told me it is more likely VSL, but if not it also could be a smaller German factory.
My question is, who made it ?

Hi, sticking my head on the block again - I think this is another bit of Chalet Glass, Canada but I’ve not managed to find a marked example the same. Assume you have checked the base for a very faint acid mark? Have you checked it with ultra violet, do the ribs glow? Is the main body clear as it looks blue in the photographs?

Hi Ekimp,
Thanks, you are right Chalet Glass.  I see a lot of same like objects and also the same colours.
No acid mark, but it glows completely light green under black light, not only the ribs !!
There is some blue in the thin parts but not much.

Thanks again


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