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OTK Glass, Japan. Any ideas?

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Hi all,

I was wondering if any of you had any information on this company.
I have found this vase complete with sticker:

 :shock: Click to enlarge :shock:

I have googled 'til I am dizzy and I can not find any information on this company. HELP!!!

TIA.  :D

Looks like a close relative of this one,6944.0.html

Exactly what I thought, Christine.
My initial thought for both of them was Skruf, as I have seen couple of very similar ones.
I have some Japanese glass, but this is totally unlike it.  :?

:oops: Bumpity, bump :)
I am still not having any luck with this one and believe me I have been searching. Any suggestions are welcome.
TIA.  :)


I did a few searches using OTK and came up with a lot of results related to spanking???

I did get one result, which leads me to believe that OTK probably doesn't make anything, but is only an importer\exporter of items they purchase from the makers.

Your label says OTK Glass Japan and this person's porcelain tea cup set says OTK China Japan on it. --- Mike


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