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OTK Glass, Japan. Any ideas?

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Hi Mike,
Yes, spanking and all sorts of stuff. That is all that I found too.  :?
I think that you are probably right and that it is an importers label.
I did find one really large importer/exporter call OTK, but they deal in grain products and cotton. I presume that they could also have dabbled in glass.


--- Quote from: "butchiedog" --- porcelain tea cup set says OTK China Japan
--- End quote ---

Olde Tea Kup  :lol:  obviously an importer if they cannot tell China from Japan :?

Sorry, could not resist having just spent half an hour reading Witch magazine to Felicity in Dutch

:lol: Frank :lol:

I find more often than not that the words "Made in" before the name of the country are a safer bet that the item was made by the company name on the label. If a label says "company name" + "country name" only,  it usually turns out to be just an import\export company, who is located in that country. Not a strict rule to go by, but something to consider when it comes up.

Oddly enough;  I have found a couple of Nachtmann crystal items with importer\exporter names and Japan on them, plus a Nachtmann label too. --- Mike

And of course it could be a retailer. Such as Elwell's which are often taken on eBay to be the maker.

The dodgy porn-ish sites are related to Over The Knee.

I did a Google earlier...I didn't know that without looking, honest!


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