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Walther Prismen Uranium Glass Trinket Set with Original Labels

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Way back in 2011, a few months after joining this forum, I came across a trinket set on eBay with original "AWS (August Walther & Sohne) Dresden Glass Foreign" labels attached.

Sadly the set was already sold, but I managed to obtain permission from the seller "Riverbride" aka John to share the photos and info as I believe did Anne at the time. However it seems we both omitted to share this info, so here it is finally.

More photos of the labelled Walther Prismen set and details from the listing with measurements, condtion etc.

This set raises a few anomalies. The tray design and pot sizes don't match the catalogue images on GTS (not unusual), so is it maybe a later version? I've got a clear green version of this which I thought was Libochovice 1700 as seen in the photos on GTS but having checked, the detailing on the pot lids and the tops of the candlesticks is different. I seem to remember there has been some discussion on this before on GMB. The Walther labels also raise questions.

Unfortunately if the Walther labels are correct most of the Libochovice 1700 photos on GTS, apart from maybe the ring holders, are also Walther Prismen.

Hi NevB, yes I realise this is a controversial subject, there have been many discussions comparing Walther Prismen and Libochovice 1700 Trinket Sets over the past 9 years since I've been here at least, and likely before that as well. However, I do think these pictures are worthy of sharing and discussing. As you quite rightly say, catalogue images are not always accurate and often serve more as a guide rather than certainty.

I have a few reasons to think this style may well be the genuine Walther Prismen set and not Libochovice 1700 and some comparisons to add, since I have been collecting these for 10 years and have quite a few of them and also some sets/pieces which could be the Lib 1700 set.

First, the quality of the glass seems typically Walther, the satinised versions are especially smooth just like the mermaid set.

Second, the amount of frosted/satinised sets in this style seems huge compared to transparent colours, and Libochovice trinket sets seem to almost always be in transparent colours, I know some Lib 3020 sets are partially frosted, but that seems the exception.

Third, the Walther Prismen rectangular tray comes in sets with the exact same pots, ring holder, and more often than not candlesticks as this oval tray set, sometimes the sticks are a variant also seen with some oval tray sets.

Fourth, I have finally aquired what I believe to be an original Walther Prismen Tray as seen in the catalogue image, and due to the sharpness and roughness of the saw edge, I believe this could be a good reason for AWS Walther to have changed the original design to something more practical and tactile, I will share a pic of this and items in the other points above in due course.

Of course I could be completely wrong on all points. :)


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