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Some nice glass at auction.


Hope this is the right place to post this.
Local to me, Bourne end auction rooms have on the 5th august 2020 a sale which contains some Whitefriars and some
other British glass plus some very nice Italian glass.
The glass lots start at lot 100 onwards.
I still have not learned how to attach a link.

Tim, adding a link can be done simply as follows (assumes Windows operation):

1. Open the target page in your browser
2. Right click in the "url box" at the top of the browser window - this will highlight the "url string"
3. Select "Copy" from the drop-down list
4. Go back to Glassmessages and select your message post area
5. Right click and select "Paste"

The above produces, for the Bourne End Auction info ...

Don't worry about the length of the link.

For the link I have added above, I selected page 3 in the online catalogue which is close to the start of the glass Lots.

Thank you so much for doing that Kevin.
I was given advice on GMB before but could not find the reply.
Thanks again,


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