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Opaline Enamelled Vases

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I think these two vases were originally part of a garniture of three with another like the one on the left as I've seen something very similar online. These are probably late 19th. century, Bohemian and possibly by Harrach, although you can see a lot of similar ones online described as "Bristol glass". Only one has a roman numeral VI mark.

Height is approximately 15".

flying free:
I quite like some of these and these do have some lovely colours in.  But mostly they tend to be autumn leave 'sy' colours or designs and their not really my thing.   The middle one may be missing a lid.


Thanks flying free, I've had another look online and the one closest to mine didn't have a lid. Others had lids with tall pointed finials. There is some evidence of wear to the gilding on the rim of mine where a lid could have sat inside. They aren't everyone's cup of tea but the workmanship is excellent and I like the swallows. The backs are in fact totally plain.

flying free:
Yes, I meant to say, enamelling often looks a lot less impressive in photographs and then, when you see it on the piece, it is fabulous. Photographs lose the depth and intensity of enamelling somehow.


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