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Cherry Pattern Pink Plate.Need Help PLease

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HI everyone.I need some help with this plate.It measures  11½ inches across.Has a pattern of leaves and cherries on the underside, in relief, around the edge. I was thinking it could be of European origin, BWDIK. LOL .I have looked everywhere and haven't found anything to match.Does anyone know anything?
TIA Julie.

 And a close up of the pattern

ok, I jump into it with my very first thought:
Fenne Saarland AUGUSTE pattern - but  :cry: it is NOT  :cry:
Dear Julie, we sometimes contribute here just saying what it is not... may very well lead further...

Julie, unfortunately the close up of pattern is exactly the same photo as in the thread - could you please change that?
Are there small leaves around the stand?

Thanks  for the reply Pamela.And whoops on the close up link.I thought I had corected that before I posted, but seems I didn't. :oops: here is the correct one. On the 4 seams travelling from the centre to to outer egde, are like a fine stem with a couple of  tiny leaves.

IMHO it looks like a piece of "depression glass" from Indonesia. The very prominent mould lines and seemingly lack of finish on them is a characteristic of this type of glass.  I have not seen this particular pattern before.

Look closely at the piece for a moulded mark often very small.


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