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Ricepaper Doily 14" Pink Platter - ID = Sydenstricker Glass

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I bought this beautiful 14", 12 flute platter yesterday.  It has a signature which I can barely see and have tried to photograph.

Under a magnifying glass it looks like it might have been made by covering a ricepaper doily with glass................I simply can't imagine any other way it could have been done so I can hardly wait to hear if anyone knows!

Where it looks black it is clear glass

Front :

Back :

Signature :

Thank you for looking

David E:
Hi Cat,

I reckon you're right: This was probably enamel sprayed after putting the template over.

Can't tell you who made it, although I suspect it's reasonably modern. Very nice design :P

That signature looks very much like Mtarfa to me. Can we get Sue (chopin-liszt) to have a look at it as well?

David E:
Doesn't look like Mtarfa style to me, but I'll drop Sue an e-mail.

If I turn it up the other way I could be convinced I was seeing Mtarf but no "a" on the end..................can you show me a Mtarfa signature for comparison................I will do a search of the board and see if I can find one..............


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