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Krosno or Jozefina?

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I was flicking through the pictures on the Glass Galleries and I noticed that Tigerchips has 3 pictures with "Krosno, Poland" for items similar to one of mine where I had stuck a bit of paper with "Jozefina, Poland" in it.  Can't recall where I came across that info but it got me wondering what it really is.

I think this is opal glass as it looks pale blue until you hold it up to the light, then it looks creamy orange.

I'm not even sure what they're called, I've seen them described as cocktail glasses and also as sweetmeats.

Perhaps somebody will be able to answer both bits!

Thank you

Hi Cat,

There is one similar here

Jozefina glassworks is one of many in Krosno, Poland (as far as I know anyhow).

catshome: it's sort of both but specifically (having looked at the link) Jozefina.  Thank you for the link - I have added it to my favourites.  

So many little time.



--- Quote from: "catshome" it's sort of both but specifically (having looked at the link) Jozefina.
--- End quote --- for details on different glass factories; usually we only call items made by the Krosno Glass factory "krosno".

Hello Ivo,  Many thanks for the link - I've added it to my favourites as it's a site I think I will be needing again.  I understand what you meant and I will stick to Jozefina for my little bit of glass.  Kind regards Cat


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