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Large owl made in India


Anne E.B.:
For show, this huge silvered/marigolded(?) owl bought today with a label showing it was made in India.
I can't help be reminded about those vintage silvered Christmas baubles when I look at this ;)

flying free:
he's lovely.

Just a question as curious to know - is he very heavy ? I have some huge silvered glass decorations (way too huge and heavy to hang on a tree - think individual hung ornaments for a restaurant type thing) bought about 12 years ago new from a shop in Glastonbury.  So perhaps he's from that era.  I remember there were a lot around at that point.

Anne E.B.:
He weighs 850g and stands about 8.5" high, so reasonably heavy.  I thought about putting him in the garden as a garden ornament.  Might keep the cats out ;), but I'm not too sure how it would react to any frost and it could get blown over and broken unless I put him in a sheltered spot.  I don't think he's new, so could date back some.


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